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Company Overview: is a leading provider of performance based Internet advertising, thanks to our focus on pay per click advertising. We pride ourselves in delivering only real quality traffic to our advertisers through our search network, a network that includes many partner sites, search partners and affiliates. Our official launch date was January 30, 2002 and since that date we have grown to become one of the leading, most trusted pay per click search engines on the net, thanks to our cheat-proof technology, professional administration staff, and strategic partners.

Making the internet a smaller place for you with search results from MSN, Altavista, Google, and all in one place! Find it now... Find it quick... Find Whatever!

Advertising Performance:

With you have full control over your advertising account and your ads. At any time you can instantly add, or delete listings, edit your ads description, title, or URL, change your bid amounts, and more, giving you full control of your advertising campaign. In the members section you can track your ads with real time statistics to see exactly what keywords are working for you to increase the performance of your advertising campaign.

You control the amount you wish to spend there are no additional fees.

Pay Per Click Advertising Specials:

The chart below represents free advertising available to all members.

Deposit the pay per click amount shown below
Receive additional amount shown below FREE
$25.00 FREE
$50.00 FREE
$75.00 FREE
(best value)
$200.00 FREE
(best value)

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The success of your advertising campaign depends on many variables, your title, description, content, keywords, and bid amounts will contribute to your success. Results may very, all sales are final.

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